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Yoga Retreat in Bali

Bali- an island where magic seems real and a yoga session transcends you to a state of mind wherein you find yourself face to face with the gods, could be one of the reasons for it being entitled “The Island of Gods.”

This, or perhaps because of its impressive landscape, with splendid mountains, sandy beaches and exuberant vegetation, could only have been a creation  of the divine intervention. The gods themselves have created this paradise for human mankind who have reciprocated to make it one of the best sought yoga destinations of the world.

Bali serves as a major hub to health and well-being that attracts travelers from all over the globe be it yogis or non-yogis alike. However, it is a special gift to the aspiring yogis.


Some of the highly qualified yoga gurus are found here in Bali , who conduct retreats or lessons. In addition, if you are looking for a treatment for the whole body, there are many holistic spas at your service. Are you also on the look-out for a delicious but healthy meal?  If you are, then there is a vegan restaurant in almost every corner of this exotic island.

There is a spiritual culture inherent in the island. With a  predominantly Hindu religion, the rest of the land follows mostly the Muslim culture. This creates a distinctive atmosphere, somewhat different from the rest of Indonesia. It’s not that one religion is better than the other, however yoga having some links to Hinduism, has helped create Bali’s distinctive yoga culture while allowing yoga retreats and teacher training courses to thrive here.

Balinese Hinduism is also a distinct blend of Shaivism and Buddhism with its unique gods, many of whom are associated to the mountains and lakes of this island.This makes its religious festivals absolutely one of its kind and their temples wonderful.

It is believed that Bali has more than 10,000 temples, shrines and places of pilgrimage in all regions of the island. Not only are they impressive on the outside, they are also quiet on the interior. Unless there is a festival, then it turns into a stage for customary dance performances and other interesting events to rejoice in.


Bali is home to many beach clubs and there are many options for experiencing Bali’s nightlife or shopping.

Ubud, in the center of Bali, is the cultural capital of this island and in the opinion of many, the ideal place for yoga retreats.

The Zen Yoga Bali offers an unforgettable 7-day yoga retreat and meditation experience in Bali. Enjoy your participation along with a yoga retreat here. The yoga retreat in Zen Yoga Bali, offers fun activities, where you can even practice yoga daily. The yoga retreat in Bali includes yoga classes, meditation and self-improvement seminars.

This yoga retreat center is situated in the heart of Bali (Ubud), which has a peaceful environment that includes private rooms, outdoor pool and an open garden. Yoga retreat allows you to amalgamate the benefits of yoga with meditation, pranayama, asanas, deep relaxation, yogic kriyas, etc. in your day-to-day life.


A yoga retreat in Bali is the ideal way if you are wanting to take a break and reroute your mind from all negative thoughts to settle into a more peaceful cognisant state.

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