Best Streetwear Accessories – Socks

Fresh threads? Check.

Well fitted jeans? Check.

Fly kicks? Check.

But what about that small space between the bottom of your jeans and your Grails?

Your socks?

Since the streetwear trend proceeds to blow up, it was unavoidable that best streetwear socks — the underdog of the accessories world, could be brought under its fold. Just to put it out there, you can never go wrong with classic black or white long socks, also called crew socks, or the very discreet no-show socks also called footie socks or booties. But why stay basic once it is possible to lift your outfit subtlety or with aplomb.

Statement socks have been a tendency for a few years now and have become a sneakerhead’s one-two punch to stick out in a fast growing community.

A more recent trend has been the’slides & socks’ game. And this is really where Statement socks really shine. A name worth mentioning this is Stance, using their broad range and multiple special editions which range from Star Wars into Fenty and Kith. Streetwear brands like

The Countless, Chinatown Market, HUF, Bape are known to drop cool socks. Skate clothing brand RIPNDIP, has discovered the perfect combination of colors and not so subtle prints within their layouts while other streetwear manufacturers play logos, graphics and typography. RIPNDIP socks come in a range of bright colours suited to summers, including their signature cheeky yet beloved kitty, Lord Nermal. RIPNDIP socks would be the comic relief a regular outfit could need. RIPNDIP socks with Lord Nermal peeking out from over your shoes to reverse the world off, is a great start to your statement socks collection.

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