200 Hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

Yoga enthusiasts,are you in search of an ideal holiday that lives up to your expectations? Do you want to turn your vacation into an educative one? Does Hollywood tempt you to go to a far away serene exotic island to buy some memorable moments? ‘Bali’ has the answers to all these desires of yours. So turn your dream into reality and visit this beautiful island this year itself.

To add the element of a learning experience to your vacation plans, there arises the need to find the ideal 200 hours yin yoga teacher training in Bali that would make your vacation worth your precious time spent. A google search will probably be the first thing in your mind to execute this task, however, this calls for a tremendous amount of time and effort to get and finalise your decision on the choice of a good yoga school. Save on your time and effort. Avoid the hassle of having to browse through an infinite list of yoga schools that you are not sure of by simply reading further:

Join Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

Zen Yoga Bali is one of the foremost school for yoga teacher training in Bali. We are happy to be one of the best training schools for Yin Yoga teacher training in Bali. As a student in our yoga school in Bali , you will gain comprehensive knowledge on 200 hours yin yoga teacher training in Bali program conducted here which is accredited by Yoga Alliance International.


Our focus and unique eminence

The 200 hours yin yoga teacher training in Bali program entails the ancient teachings of yoga. Our team of experienced yoga faculty with their fine tuned teaching style prepare our students to perform and teach yoga very confidently. We consider yoga to be suitable for all age groups and tiers of experience. The yoga style taught by us holds a solid and power-packed foundation equipping students with the necessary elements master the art of teaching yoga.

About Program

The 200 hours yin teacher training program in Bali Yoga School is internationally recognized and accredited by Yoga Alliance. Pass this course to gather the tools needed to transform your life and further deepen your practice of yoga while also acting as a transformational catalyst for others around you by utilising yoga as the means.

During this rigorous course of 200 hours yin yoga teacher training in Bali, you will find a lively environment, and a platform to deepen your physical practice profoundly. Zen Yoga Bali, also gives you the opportunity to be able to learn about the influence of sattvic diet on yoga practice. Here, we persuade our students to adhere to a regime following simple and balanced diet through consumption of nutritious vegetarian meals.



Relax as you practice against the backdrop of the sounds of birds and the gurgling waters, and view the gentle sway of palm trees and adjacent vineyards. Delve into the complete experience of Bali as you pay a visit to flavourful restaurants around.

Activities to engage yourself in (optional)

  • Going on a nature hike on Campuhan ridge
  • Paying a visit to the “Monkey Forest Temple”
  • Paying a visit to the Tampak s Romantic, the temples of the holy water of Bali

The 200 hours yin yoga teacher training course in Bali is meant not only for aspiring yoga teachers but also for those who want to engage themselves within a month of transformation – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, through the alchemy of yoga.

So hurry up and pack your bags for this life changing trip to Bali.

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